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March 8, 2014

By Russ Kaspar
The first thing you noticed as you drove into the parking lot at the Moose Lodge in Frankfort was the jam-packed parking lot. Then you noticed the parking lot at the Bowling Ally next door was filling up. The community was showing its support for Madyn and her family after the four year old lost use of her left eye in an attack near the Frankfort Community Public Library 116 days earlier on Friday November 8th.
The heart-warming turnout was an attempt to raise money to help Madyn and her family and show support any way they knew how. The event for Madyn centered on the music. Right Turn Clyde, Kelley Isenhower and the Jason Wells Band hosted the event for Madyn and entertained the crowd. According to George Large who worked the “gate” to the event, “over 400″ attended the event throughout the evening and this was spread out through the entire evening and the entire building area. Many who attended might guess well over that number.
Jason Wells, key organizer for the event, had to be pleased with the turn out. “It was sold out” said Erick Dircks, photographer at the event.
A donation box was available to add to the proceeds for Madyn but numbers were not available for the amount raised which was certainly in the thousands of dollars.
Pictures of the event and tribute photos of Madyn will be available from Erick Dircks at Photos may be purchased at the site and over half of all proceeds will be donated directly to Madyn’s family, according to Dircks. A full breakdown of expenses for production of the photos is on the site, Dircks said.
Another event for Madyn and her family is being organized by Kyle Leslie and Reggie Morgan. This will be a Motorcycle Ride for Madyn on May 17th. More information will be available on this event as the date approaches. WILO TV is planning to video stream elements of this event Live and world wide. This event is also centered on one thing: producing funds and showing support for Madyn and her family.

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