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Stormy (Valerie) told me about the Indiana Paddlers Rendezvous, and I met her Saturday morning about 8am. I was a guest register, and shortly after I was in the Wildcat Creek looking for a place to place my Black Heron (what I told them my camcorder on a tripod was). I went in the water about 8:15am, and after taking a nap on a tree branch, they started coming at me about 9am. Many of the canoers/kayakers didn't know what was behind the rock, but got a big laugh when I said it was my pet Black Heron. For you that don't know, river/creek rats are all alike, they are crazy, fulfilled people that live life to it's fullest! They also make an instant bond to another river rat (me). I met tons of fantastic great people, and as they past me for the 2nd or 4th time, they kept telling me that my twin, triplet, and etc was photographing them upstream. Some said, that I cheated by taking short cuts, and they wanted to know where they were. Ha, Ha, Ha !!! I started with them, and stayed with them, bridge jumping ahead of them. Looking for the right position to capture the best moments is more than a little work, it is a lot of work, but getting to the right place is well worth the effort as you can see from the photos. If you go the extra mile, you will get photos worth keeping, and memories that will last a lifetime. Those that know me, know I will do about anything to get a favorable response. Those of you that just met me, well I am the real deal, and just love life! I want to thank the clean up man, you were always a special treat to see you go by me! All in all I had a fantastic day, thanks for all your comments on the river, and I hope you enjoyed what I captured.

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