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07-13-2013 Exploring Adams Mill Trails & Buildings with others enjoying this beautiful day. I was in my swim suit, and would recomend that if you are allergic to poison ive or oak on the red tagged inside trail that runs besided the Wildcat Creek. There were plenty of smart weed too, you know, the kind that makes you smarter after you get into them for the 1st time. Met many people floating, wading, fly fishing, fishing, and pinicing. When I was done with exploring the 360 degrees trail, I ended up back at the car. I grabbed the flash, and went inside the mill. I will make a video of this folder tomorrow so Adams Mill can share the link. I also found out that it cost $10 to camp in your tent, & $35 for the little lodges with electric. Camp fire pits outside each lodge, fire wood available $5 for what you can carry between your arms, and free if you pick up the wood off the ground! Sounds fair to me. In fact sometime soon I will rent a lodge for 2 nights with my grandsons. I am sure you can sleep 3 above, and atleast 3 more on the bottom. Not bad at $35 again with electricty & ceiling fan & lights. Shared Shower & restrooms not far from any of the lodges.

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