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Wildcat Creek an "Adventure With Stormy" Part 1

Stormy and Erick Dircks aka Storm (Vietnam nickname) teamed up to explore the entire 84 miles of the Wildcat Creek. We started the Adventure With Stormy Northeast of Greentown at CR 1150E & 300S. We had to portage once because a large tree uprooted, fell onto an island, and across it. Stormy & I played around with the camera while trying to decide where to lift the canoe over the blockage. It was a very beautiful trip, and Stormy seen 3 deer that vanished into the woods before I could get a lock on them. Strange that the deer are so jittery this time of year, but these nocturnal creatures didn't want anything to do with us. Saw many blue herons, and the same one several times. Cardinals were everywhere, but so much foliage on that I only got a couple of shots. Ducks & geese were everywhere, and the creek was alive with jumping fish. We met many people along the way, some in boats, kayaks, and along the bank. It started out as a very overcast day, but turned into one of the most beautiful days of the year. Other than the portage, we got out of the canoe one other occasion at one of the Kokomo Reservoir's Parks on a peninsula to stretch our legs. I waded out into the water to cool off, and to stretch out my back. Stormy stayed on shore, and we both ate a little snack before finishing our journey. We started on Section 43, and 42, 41, 40, 39, 38, 37, 36, 35, & 34 are now completed. Stormy and I will start again in a couple of weeks below the Dam where we put out 6-23-2013. ! It is hard to shoot & control a boat at the same time. She loves to control the boat, and I love to control the camera. It was fantastic teamwork that accomplished what we set out to do, and that was to photograph the Wildcat Creek .
The set of this trailer can be seen at Dircks Photography on facebook. Thank you for taking the time to view this trailer.
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