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07 04 2013
1st of all I want to thank everyone responsible for a fantastic 4th of July Celebration in the TPA Park including the Fireworks show. Everything was well organized! Thanks Everyone!! The Fireworks, WOW!!! I have seen many all around the state & other states, and I was totally impressed. My Hat goes off to you for a Fantastic Display!!! I will be back next year!!!!! I will make arrangements so my grandsons can operate the other two cameras next year, that was too much for one person.

After playing around with my grandsons in the pool, I visited with Tiffany & Kevin, and found out Spencer's All Star game is Saturday 3pm in Lafayette. After making transportation arrangements, I ventured off to see the other activities going on around the park.

I have been away from Frankfort for awhile, and seldom spent the 4th of July in Frankfort. Seeing the park FULL was a big surprise to me. I will say this, the parking arrangements to handle the crowd was fantastic. I was also amazed at the amount of police officers patrolling around the park. Everyone was having a fantastic time. I had another party to attend, and left the park after finding out where the fireworks were going to be launched. I returned to the park, knowing it was going to be worse finding a place to park, it was, but I managed to park it so it was facing the right direction to leave after the fireworks. I ran across Jeff Wellman, knowing he would be the man to get me to my destination, and in a golf cart. Beats the heck out of carrying 3 tripods & the 3 cameras. On the way out to the launch site we ran across a woman franticly looking for daughter. She gave Jeff the little girls name, and a complete description of her daughter including what clothing she was wearing. I thought this was going to be a long ordeal trying to find a missing little girl in a massive crowd. Jeff calmed the woman down, and within few minutes came a broadcast over the radio that they had found the little girl. The woman then told Jeff that she had lost her keys, and lucky for me, Jeff passed that problem off to a couple of police officers in another golf cart. We finally got to the launch site, and I ran into Ron, & Mary Ann Walter Stockberger along with their son Kreg, & daughter Kristy. They were assisting in the preparations of the fireworks. After taking some group photos, they instructed me where I could set up my equipment & be out of their way in a safe place. Jeff dropped me off at the location, and I got my equipment ready. Just before the fireworks began, Jeff & his son joined me.

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