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I got to the airport and parked behind Scott & Dee, they didn't know what exactly was going on, and were watching the sky. I went inside to see if I could get a better vantage point to take photos (seems like I am developing a pattern). I asked who was in charge, and they directed me to the registration door. I told them that I was a local photographer, and would love to cover their event. They said sure, and away I went through the hanger as a skydiver soared passed the doors (later I was told he was very experienced with numerous jumps). They were instructing a man in a wheelchair (from Cincinnati, Ohio) on their procedures, and what to expect during a tandem jump. Took several photos, and then they started loading the plane. WOW didn't know that many people could be packed into the plane. The man in the wheelchair was loaded last, but that wasn't the case. After they positioned him into the plane, there were at least 3 more jumpers that boarded. Let me tell you that was a packed plane, and away they went!

It was fantastic, and I about wore out the shutter button as you can see. The 1st skydiver down came in like gang busters, and followed by the man from the wheelchair with a smile from ear to ear. It was neat how they caught him & placed him back into his wheelchair. His wife was taking as many photos as I was of his total ground experience & what she could take while he was in the air heading towards her. I can't believe the accuracy of the skydivers, they were landing all around me, and it was like I turned into being the target. I am sure that they knew their photos were being taken, and gave me an unbelievable show! I stayed around for another plane load, while they were gaining altitude, I went over & talked with Scott & Dee. I thanked them for contacting me, and we talked about Archery & what events that they were going to attend.

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