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11-01-2013 Shirley, Steve, Derek, Valerie, and Me Mountain Loop

This adventure was almost a replica of the Tibble Fork journey except different mountains. There was an extra event that got a charge out of everyone except me. We found this quaint pond along the side of the road that had a glass surface. You know me & reflections, had to do a group shot here. Now keeping the sun at my back, and to get the best reflection shot, I had them go down behind the pond. I set up my tripod, placed camera in it, set the timer, and ran like there was no tomorrow back to them. Well that is what the plans were. However, I didn't check the route, and didn't watch going down because of setting up the camera. I soon found myself sprawled over a bolder after slipping on a few others trying to get in position before the timer went off. Valerie took several photos of me running to get into place, but followed instructions to look at the camera until I crashed & burned. Yes, did it two more times until I was sure we had the group reflection. They are still laughing about that. Yes, Valerie, you were saying that it was almost impossible, but I have this OCD complex that won't allow me to fail. I will die trying to accomplish my goals. I have to deal with that everyday, but it keeps me creative & young at heart.

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