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Shortly after I arrived a chopper flew over, it got me a little excited, but I was on a mission. The place was packed, and a little muddy. Nothing like bringing back memories of the monsoon season, and back flashes were running long & hard. Met many neat Veterans, and some nonvets. The huge flag was flapping in the wind, tied onto 2 telephone poles, and started singing the National Anthem. Shortly afterwards, reciting the Pledge of Allegiance, and then the Lords Prayer! I climbed to the top of the Guard Tower, took some more photos, and a Huey flew by the flag. That was it, I had to find out where the chopper rides were. I got back to my car, and asked the guy that I paid earlier where the chopper rides were. He said "hop in & I will take you there". My hips wanted to do a happy dance at those words, and away we went (I got more than I paid for the parking, & thanked him). It wasn't long before I was up, up, & away with a cool group of people & crew!!!

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