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11-07-2013 Mesa Verde National Monument

I looked at the national map with all the parks around the 4 corners, and there are many. I immediately called the hotel, and asked if I could get a reduced rate if I spent another night. They said yes, and gave me an additional 10% taken off, and yes I am spending another day.
Mesa Verde National Monument Cliff Dwellers. What again we take for granted, and seeing the way people lived around 600 A.D. I couldn't believe that families lived that close together, families per room, and supply rooms. WOW! What will our future generations think about our era some time 1400 years from now. What will they think about our paneled walls, carpet as the Park Ranger told us. By the way, our Guide was a Park Ranger, and a man that truly cherishes his career with a passion. Park better keep this Ranger. I can't remember his name, our tour time was 10:30am. Somehow I will get this note to the right person at the Visitor's Station, she will not remember my name, but if she is the same one, she will definitely know me. She was very helpful in directing my time, and seeing everything before the Guided Tour Began, and I covered all I wanted before out tour began. Thank You!! I was totally caught off guard, wasn't sure what I would really see or feel about this Monument. What a surprise, how hard, but how enjoyable life they must have lived. They lived in peace, and no shields or weapons found in the dig site. Farmers/hunters built these cities in the side of a mountain with over hangings overing them. How resourceful, and surrounded by true beauty. Talk about family closeness!! Nothing but stone & stick as their main tool. WOW! I could do that, how many of you can?

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