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11-05-2013 Leaving Needles to & the night at Canyonlands, UT

11-05-2013 Canyonlands National Monument
I arrived, checked in, and was suppose to come back to pay with a credit card after I choose my campsite. I started checking out the hot spots because of the amount of daylight I had left.
I got up way early, took photos of the stars, and tried to take a shower. Wrong, no shower, cold water in the sink got my hair clear, and went back to camp freezing. I couldn't go back to sleep, and decided to work on photos until the sun came up. Shot the sunrise, and sun shining on my campsite. I went to the top of the loop again to catch the sun effects of the bolder/formations. I ran into a raven sitting on my door trying to talk to me, I did't have anything to feed him, and then I remembered the corn chips that those guys gave me at Dinosaur National Monument. The raven was dancing around the top of the car, he was very impatient, and was looking into the car telling me to hurry, seriously, telling me with his chirping. He was so laid back that without much coaxing he/she was eating out of my hand. Crazy Raven, allowed me to use a flash, and also allowed me to use the timer while walking towards him/she to get into the photo. One shot per timer, as the sun rose on my body, many times. Remember I had 10 second to position myself before the camera went off. I didn't have to do another thing after that, it totally made my exploring trips worth it.
I shot a few more shots, and thought I covered Canyonlands rather well.

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