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"Discover the Wildcat... at Adams Mill." Free canoe rides "Sponsored by Wildcat Guardians". Everyone involved in this did a fantastic job keeping the line to a minimum. I seen more smiles than the concern look, even the dogs were smiling. I am sure those that know me, know that I would be at the best photo advantage spot. Yes, in the water! Then I became a moving target for those that knew how to paddle their canoes. One of the guides told the woman who was in his canoe that they would go between my legs. What a great time. This is part 1 of at least 8. So those that aren't in this set be patient, there are more to come. To eliminate going through 1000 photos, I will upload them in different albums! Part 1 of 8, Part 2 of 8, etc. I have extra photos, example of these 115 photos, there are an extra 178 photos. I will upload all of them to If you have 3 photos of your canoe on this set there is probably 4 to 6 or more extras you might want to view. Now the photos on facebook are free, you can save the file/s by right clicking on the photo, and save image to hard drive. On my website only thing you can do is view or order prints, t-shirts, cups, and about anything else you think you want your trip remembered on. Everyone including myslf owes Helen Williams Stoops a big thanks for telling me about this event! Without her I would not have been here. Thank you Hellen from my Grandsons & me for showing us this great time. For those of you that missed this sorry! Like "Wildcat Guardians" facebook page, I am sure they have many more things you maybe interested in, and I know that this is an annual event..

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