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11-02-2013 Tibble Fork

I couldn't go forward, only thing left was to back down the mountain until I got to dry ground, and that was about a mile back with many curves. Didn't matter, now I was totally stuck. With a few feet in front of me before going over the cliff, and a few feet behind me to the side of the mountain. I started rocking the car, not knowing when I would get traction, and not knowing once I had traction if I could get stopped. I was stuck, and thought here I go again with the 911. What was I going to say this time? How many times do you call 911 before they take your license away for being stupid? No, I wasn't going to call them, I would walk down before that. Then I thought about how much it was going to cost me to drag my car off this mountain.
Here is what I did, I said a prayer, not promising anything, but just asking for a little help & understanding. I turned the wheels as hard to the right as I could & floored it. The engine was revved up to the max, snow was flying everywhere, and I knew I was going to go over the cliff anytime. Strange thing, the front of the car starting swing around to the right, and didn't go forward at all, just to the right. I did a 180 on the side of the mountain and headed back down. How cool was that!! For those nonbelievers, say what you want, but there was no way that should have happened. The photos will show you exactly what happened, and all I can say is thank you God for keeping me on the mountain. Without your help, I know that I was headed over the cliff. Thank YOU AGAIN.

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