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Oct 25 & 26th will be last 2 days of this great event!! They open at 6pm to 9pm but will remain open as long as there is a line. A must see, plus actual Gost Doctors from Indiana Gost I believe without their help, this event might not have happened this year. Parkview Home 1501 Burlington Ave. I an't afraid of no GHOST!! BOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! :) :)

One of my favorite Historical Landmarks in Clinton County. Has 10 times more history than Old Stoney or any other building in Frankfort Bar None. A true treasure of Frankfort & Clinton County. I remember stories of this place since I can remember. My parents use to do volunteer work out there, and we got to play around the barns while they were inside. The Haunted Basement has been going on for a few years, and the 1st time I knew about it. Tiffany Smith told me that they use to take the elevator down, and while loading & riding the elevator stories of actual haunting's were told.
We had a great time, and they even reduced the rate from $4 to $2 a person. What a deal for this awesome event. It would have been a steal at $4, plus we got an extra trip through to photograph it with proper settings. You can see the difference, we were greeted by Sammy Terry Look somewhat alike Twice. Was great fun, and well organized for the amount of people that were there.

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