Dircks Photo | About
I am a retired railroader who loves to photograph "almost anything." But, my passion is making videos by combining the photos artfully, then giving them soul by the addition of beautifully appropriate music.

My favorite shots are those of scenic reflections which allow you to capture two images in one!

I also love "green screening" people into various backgrounds such as mountains, waterfalls, and beaches. If you "imagine it" I can "do it".

I am currently on a six month photo journey through Texas to Imperial Beach, California with a final stop in San Francisco. I continued on to Pleasant Grove, Utah, visiting with relatives and waiting for the west coast to warm up.

I will then be returning to San Francisco and continue to trace the coastline to Washington state recording its beauty the entire way!

I will meet my nephew in Fort Saint John, British Columbia and caravan to North Pole, Alaska, where the remainder of my time will be spent exploring beauty of Alaska, that gorgeous state!

I will then return home to Indiana, traversing Canada and photographing along the way.

In 2010. I traveled the east coast from the south end of Key West to Maine, then back to Indiana with a featured stop in Niagara Falls, resulting in many spectacular photos!

In the late summer of 2010, I spent seven weeks capturing the grandeur of the Rocky Mountains.

Each of the last three years, I have enjoyed and photographed the fascinating wildlife and sun-scapes in Florida, while visiting my mother for four to six weeks each year.

I am so enthusiastic about my work that I will climb boulders, wade swamps, scale mountains or traverse canyons to capture the perfect image!

I feel that the extra effort I put forth is what makes my work exceptionally unique, especially since my photos are entirely without enhancement!

However, if the occasion should arise, I could apply any enhancement technique desired by the client, immediately, or at a later date.

Please take the opportunity to view my videos at http://www.youtube.com/user/erickdircks?feature=mhsn
on YouTube and experience examples of my ability to bring my photos to life by giving them a soul enhanced by music and artful imaging and transitions!